Whether it’s by rail or over the road trucking, flatbed transit has long had difficulties when it comes to securing heavy loads with cable tie downs.
These tie downs – which are typically wire ropes or heavy-duty nylon straps—secure items like lumber, steel and machinery on the backs of trucks or rail cars.

And for a long time, applying the proper torque on flatbed tie downs using a ratchet mechanism was difficult and dangerous. The only way to achieve the necessary torque was to attach a long pipe onto the end of the ratchet and pull.

There are two significant problems with this method:

  1. No one was exactly sure what torque was being applied to the tie downs.
  2. The person pulling on the pipe could easily slip, fall and sustain a back or arm injury.
    Then the RAD torque tool company developed an ideal solution to this problem.

The B-RAD 1000-2 battery torque wrench not only applies specific torque, it does so with the simple pull of the tool’s trigger.

The torque requirements for tie-down applications are typically between 300 and 600 ft/lbs. The B-RAD 1000-2 tool has a torque range of 200 to 1,000 ft/lbs., making it an ideal tool for these jobs.

In addition, the B-RAD 1000-2 has a high-speed run-down gear for quickly taking up the loose wind-up of the cable before it becomes tight.