Reduce Job Time While Improving Safety

Southern Industrial Tool reduces job time and improved safety to a wide variety of industries including the United States Military, power generation, steel production, oil and gas production, manufacturing, chemical, aluminum production, quarry, aero-space, bridge and heavy construction, steel erection, wind power generation, pipeline installation and maintenance, and petrochemical production.

Power Generation

For 19 years, Southern Industrial Tool has been serving the power generation industry. Precision is key and therefore our accredited ISO/IEC 17025 torque calibration lab is vital to ensure that power generation performs safely and accurately. Southern Industrial Tool is the south’s leading torque tool supplier. Contact Southern Industrial Tool today to determine what torque tools and pumps would be best for your power generation job.

Wind Industry

The rapidly growing wind industry relies on E-RAD torque equipment to ensure that each turbine (which has 1,500 bolts) is running smoothly. Our tools provide wind industry professionals with a high level of precision and repetition delivering a smooth and continuous torque. Southern Industrial Tool is proud to offer the wind industry fast, reliable E-RAD tools to serve this growing market. The E-RAD tools are the only torque tools approved by the nations largest wind company.

Bridge Construction and Heavy Construction

It is imperative to the heavy construction and bridge construction industry to work with proper torque tools which have been calibrated. Our tools are precisely calibrated so that our bridge construction and heavy construction clients can trust our RAD tools to perform accurately and quickly. There is no room for error when our clients are constructing skyscrapers, bridges and refurbishing bridges making Southern Industrial Tool the best choice for your bolting needs.

Petro-Chemical Industry

Southern Industrial Tool rents and sells precisely calibrated torque equipment to the Petro-Chemical Industry. A damaged flanged or improperly torqued bolt leads to equipment failure and leakage. Errors in the Petro-chemical Industry can lead to disastrous consequences. Southern Industrial Tool is the south’s leading torque tooling company. Contact us today to determine which tools are best suited for your bolting needs.


Southern Industrial Tool proudly serves the military in nuclear operations and defense as well as plant maintenance and machinery upkeep. Our pneumatic, hydraulic and battery applications for the military are virtually infinite. Our military customers count on us to provide tools which are powerful and precise, making sure that every job is completed on time and to exact specifications. We understand that mistakes are not only costly but can mean the difference between life and death. Southern Industrial Tool always provides our military customers with tools which have all been calibrated properly.


The oil and gas industries require precisely calibrated pneumatic and hydraulic torque tools to ensure the safety of their employees and the environment as well. Our customers know that Southern Industrial Tool rents and sells the most accurate bolting equipment in the industry. We have vast range of bolting equipment to ensure that the pipeline industry has the best tool for gasket closure and flanges as well as bolting.


Southern Industrial Tool has 19 years of experience working with quarries and mines all over the south. Our pneumatic and hydraulic torque tools precisely perform maintenance on conveyers and bulldozers and are equally effective in deep mining applications. Southern Industrial Tool rents and sells torque tools to the mining industry which are not only accurate and durable, they also can be used in tight spaces. Caterpillar has selected RAD to help them with their critical bolting needs. Contact Southern Industrial Tool to help determine what torque tools is best for your mining application.


Southern Industrial Tool understands that safety and quality are imperative for our manufacturing customers. Our manufacturing customers know that our tools will function quickly and precisely, resulting in a functional and safe manufacturing plant. Southern Industrial Tool is the south’s largest distributor of rentals, sales, and repairs of hydraulic, pneumatic, battery tools as well as pumps for manufacturing plants. Contact Southern Industrial Tool today to determine which tools will help ensure the functionality of your manufacturing plant.



We love and know what we do, if you find you need a quick calibration on your tools or need to rent one, please give us a call or email!

Our bolting includes sales and rental of:

RAD torque wrenches, including pneumatic torque wrenches, battery torque wrenches, electric torque wrenches, electronic torque wrenches, heavy hex sockets, E-Rad electronic torque wrench. repair and calibration service.
TorsionX torque wrenches including hydraulic square drive torque wrenches, low clearance hydraulic torque wrenches, electric hydraulic torque wrench pumps, pneumatic hydraulic torque wrench pumps, repair and calibration services and deep well sockets.

Hi-Force hydraulic tools, including a wide range of multi-purpose low height cylinders and multi-purpose cylinders, manual operated hydraulic pumps, electric hydraulic pumps, pneumatic hydraulic pumps, hydraulic hoses, hydraulic jacks, bottle jacks, manual torque wrenches, manual torque multipliers, hydraulic bolt tensioners, hydraulic bolt stretchers, lifting equipment, sub-sea hydraulic bolt tensioners, hydraulic bolt tensioner pumps, hydrotest pumps, hydraulic pullers, hydraulic crimpers, hydraulic cutters, hydraulic rope and cable cutters, hydraulic hole punchers, hydraulic nut splitters, hydraulic nut busters, hydraulic flange spreaders, hydraulic pipe benders, multi-roller steerable skates and male hex sockets.

SIC Codes

    • Crude petroleum and natural gas, 1311
    • Crude petroleum and natural gas, 1382
    • Oil and gas exploration services, 1429
    • Crushed and broken stone, 2819
    • Chemicals-industrial inorganic, 2821
    • Plastic materials and resins, 2824
    • Organic fibers, noncellulosic, 2899
    • Chemical preparations, 2911
    • Petroleum refining, 3011
    • Tires and inner tubes, 3089
    • Plastic products, 3272
    • Concrete products, 3281
    • Cut stone and stone products, 3312
    • Blast furnaces and steel mills, 3317
    • Steel pipe and tubes, 3353
    • Aluminum sheet, plate and foil, 3441
    • Structural metal-fabricated, 3443
    • Plate work-fabricated (boiler shops), 3499
    • Metal products-fabricated, 3624
    • Carbon and graphite products
    • Cranes and Hoists – 3536

Naics Codes

    • 423710 Hardware Merchant Wholesaler
    • 42381 Construction and Mining
    • 423810 Construction and Mining
    • 42383 Industrial Machinery and Equipment
    • 423830 Industrial Machinery and Equipment
    • 42384 Industrial Supplies
    • 42380 Industrial Supplies
    • 42469 Chemical and Allied Products
    • 424690 Chemical and Allied Products
    • 48821 Support Activities Rail Transportation
    • 488210 Support Activities Rail Transportation
    • 81131 Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment
    • 811310 Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment