Transducer equipped E-RAD BLU

The Highest Accuracy On The Market.

The E-RAD BLU-S is the newest addition to the E-RAD BLU product line from RAD. Equipped with a transducer, the E-RAD BLU-S allows for the highest accuracy on the market and features operator identification, which ensures traceability of each torque sequence performed. With a pass/fail indicator on both sides, and password protection, you’ll be sure you’re getting controlled and accurate torquing.

TOOL KIT E-RAD BLU 700-S100-700 ft/lbs.15
TOOL KIT E-RAD BLU 3000-S500-3000 ft/lbs.5
TOOL KIT E-RAD BLU 6000-S1000-6000 ft/lbs.2.1
TOOL KIT E-RAD BLU 7500-S1500-8000 ft/lbs.1.5
TOOL KIT E-RAD BLU 11K-S3000-11000 ft/lbs.1.5



Transducer equipped E-RAD BLU:

  • Built in transducer
  • Highly advanced Data Logging and Tool Management features
  • Password protection on 3 user levels: basic, intermediate and advanced
  • Operator identification – ensures traceability of each torque sequence performed
  • Capable of torque and angle bolting sequence
  • LED indicator lights (pass/fail) allowing for maximum accuracy
  • Controlled bolting repeatability of +/- 2% accuracy of transducer +/- 1%
  • Extremely low noise level – only 75dB


E-RAD BLU Series

Advanced Technology

High degree of accuracy

Data collection

  1. Data Collection Capability
  2. LED indicator lights (Pass/Fail)
  3. Push-button select torque
  4. Lightweight and Ergonomic pistol grip
  5. Precision tool, +/- 3% Accuracy