Torque Tools Training: It All Comes Down to Operator Training

“Operator error” is often cited in root cause analyses during the investigations that occur in the wake of a significant industrial accident.

And when it comes to determining why that operator error happened in the first place, lack of proper operator training is the most common culprit.

This is why proper torque tool training is so important, as these tools are often used in critical industries such as power generation and pipeline construction.

Many industrial disciplines, including welding and rigging, have always required formal training. Equipment operators in these fields need to produce documentation showing they are fully trained and qualified in all aspects of operation and safety before they can work in an industrial setting.

What is the Bolting Specialist Qualification Program?

Until recently, there was no nationally-recognized accreditation body that offered a formal torque tools training program for operators of industrial tools and equipment.


But that has begun to change over the past few years with the advent of the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Bolting Specialist Qualification Program.

It involves a three-step process to ensure tool operators can demonstrate the principals and safe practices outlined in Appendix A of ASME PCC-1, “Guidelines to Pressure Bolting Flange Joint Assembly.”

Qualified technicians complete the following:

  1. Four online courses covering bolting principals and procedures
  2. Bolting specialist application packet and final examination
  3. Hands-on tool demonstration and assessment

At Southern Industrial Tool, we recognize the importance of proper torque tool training. We only use an authorized ASME training facility staffed by qualified instructors. If you are in the power, petro-chemical or pipeline industry, we would strongly encourage you to have your bolting and torque crew technicians enroll in this training.

Torque Trained

And if you’re concerned about the safety and accuracy of your torque tools, our ISO/IEC 17025-accredited lab can make sure you’re working with reliable instruments. Contact us today to find out how Southern Industrial Tool can help with your next project.