“Goldrush” and RAD Tools

Discovery Channel’s number one program, ‘Gold Rush’ shows miners in tough spots in undesirable, even dangerous conditions.  Que the RAD Torque Systems. Yes, the rough and tough burly miners in Alaska rely on RAD Torque Systems to get the job completed fast, accurately and safely.

At Southern Industrial Tool, we get strangely excited about watching RAD Tools in action on this gritty, dramatic show filmed in remote parts of the Yukon.  Equipment failure on ‘Gold Rush’ equates to tens of thousands of dollars and can also lead to disastrous accidents.  Miners may take chances in looking for the mother lode, but they don’t risk using the wrong tool on their expensive excavators, gold dredges, and haul trucks.

RAD Torque Wrenches are faster and more efficient than traditional hydraulic wrenches.  The mechanics don’t need a hydraulic pump because the motor is built in the handle. RAD tools are designed to work in precarious places to tighten wheel nuts or break them loose.  Contact Southern Industrial Tool to determine what RAD tool is best for your job.


Check out ‘Gold Rush’ mechanic Mitch using a RAD Torque Tool to get the job done.