Pneumatic torque tools come to the rescue.

Nashville is home to country music.  And during this growth boom, it is also home to an enormous number of cranes peppering the Nashville skyline.  While dozens of talented musicians line the streets of Broadway, more than 3 dozen tower cranes loom high in the sky, both with the promise of great growth and prosperity.

When these essential cranes need a little TLC, it can cost companies tens of thousands of dollars per day while the crane is laid up.  Pneumatic torque tools have always come to the rescue, but, not without strings.  Or shall we say hundreds of feet of air lines.

Pneumatic torque guns need air compressors to operate which means hauling hundreds of feet of line to the top of the crane.  The engineers at RAD Torque Systems listened to the needs of our crane customers and got busier than jumper cables at a country wedding to develop the B-RAD series.

 Many crane operators were not sure if a battery tool could maintain and repair their cranes until they saw the B-RAD Select BL in action.  This lightweight tool has an easy to use pistol grip and an impressive torque range of up to 5,000 ft. lbs.  It is also extremely accurate with a repeatability of +/-2%.

The B-RAD Select BL has truly become a star in the crane industry due to portability and accuracy, saving our companies time and money.  With the B-RAD Select BL, our crane companies can quickly and safely perform maintenance jobs and service, making it one of the most trusted tools in the industry.

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